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COVID-19 Update

We are open for business. We’ve been redesigning and testing our training and consulting practices to offer them remotely. Here’s how we can help you manage productivity during these unprecedented times.

    Government faces a multitude of challenges that prevent it from delivering effectively:

    • Lack of clarity as to who the customer is
    • Measurement systems that aren’t credible and aren’t used effectively
    • Top-down initiatives and plans disconnected from the reality of day-to-day work
    • Frequent movement of leaders and staff resulting in constantly shifting priorities
    • Pre-occupation with classification, governance and turf, squeezing out the focus on delivering the mandate
    • Disengaged employees, frustrated with processes and systems that have not delivered what they promised to deliver
    • Budget and workforce cuts but not reduction in workload

    Let’s face it. In comparison, the private sector has it relatively easy.


    Lean Agility teaches public servants how to use Lean to reduce backlogs, find capacity, improve quality and deliver products/services faster through public Lean workshops, in-house training and consulting.

    We are obsessed with making Lean accessible for government using a step-by-step approach designed to leave behind practical know-how to implement and sustain Lean results.

    Our associates have successfully implemented Lean in their former roles as public servants and, since 2010, have brought Lean into more than 25 government agencies and departments as outside facilitators with Lean Agility.


    We have helped government organizations use Lean to:

    • Increase capacity without adding staff or capital – or working harder
    • Reduce the time core business processes take by 75% or more, creating the agility to respond to frequent internal and external changes
    • Increase employee engagement resulting in Top 100 Canadian employer awards
    • Improve Union-Management relations


  • Jun 7, 2016, 12:00 AM

    The Trudeau Government is embracing the concept of Deliverology to improve service delivery. Creating intense focus on delivery of value to citizens is a good thing.  That said, recent press such as this article in the Ottawa Citizen illustrate some potential downsides. What is Deliverology? From a Lean point of view, here’s what you should know about Deliverology: good and bad. Good: Deliverology promotes four very good things. Clear direction. The creation of specific performance measure ...

  • Apr 20, 2016, 12:00 AM

    According to change management guru John Kotter, at least 70% of major projects do not meet their stated goals. Why don’t great ideas and great people create great results? It often comes down to execution. In our experience most organizations recognize the importance of developing a good strategy to solve an issue, but don’t put nearly as much effort into figuring out how to execute their plan effectively, especially when it comes to getting stakeholders on board to support change ...