Lean Black Belt Certificate

The Lean Black Belt Certificate program is a statement of the holder’s mastery of process improvement, continuous improvement systems and habits, and human change management skills.

Lean Black Belt, candidates complete a Lean Black Belt self-assessment tool which determines if they have sufficient skills and experience to be awarded a Lean Black Belt certificate or, if not, identifies a customized learning plan to allow the candidate to fill in knowledge gaps with a combination of coaching, instruction and/or work assignments under the guidance of a Lean Black Belt with 15+ years of experience in the field. 

  • To achieve a Lean Black Belt, certificate candidates must demonstrate:

  • advanced ability to sustain improvement results in five or more high-complexity processes, 
  • advanced ability to transform organizational mindsets and behaviours to support long-term continuous improvement habits 
  • advanced technical skills in value stream mapping, data analysis, root cause analysis, FMEA, error-proofing, Scrum, project management, variation analysis, stakeholder analysis
  • advanced “human” skills including: change management coaching, creating buy-in
  • advanced management systems skills including: visual management, dashboards, performance measurement
  • proven track record of sustained buy-in and improvement plan execution
  • mentorship of others to Green Belt status
  • The Lean Black Belt certificate program is targeted to:

  • Lean Green Belt graduates or experienced Lean practitioners who wish to advance their level of expertise to the highest Belt status
  • The Lean Black Belt self assessment examines the candidate's experience and expertise in areas such as:

  • Advanced use of the DMAIC improvement approach, with particular emphasis on the human side of each stage, with positive measurable outcomes

  • Developing and sustaining effective visual management and improvement/problem-solving routines
  • Creating a Lean culture
  • Post-assessment customized learning plans may include a combination of:


  • What are the expectations of me once I’ve completed my Black Belt?

    Black Belt graduates are expected to continue to lead advanced  improvements in their work area and develop and coach others to do the same.   They also are expected to set up, coach and sustain Lean Management Systems of Continuous Improvement, such as visual management and regular ongoing improvement routines and habits.  They should also endeavour to participate in Lean community-of-practice events (such as the Lean Government Summit) to share knowledge and network.

  • How much time does the Black Belt program require?

    Variable, depending on starting point of the participant

  • What do I need to do to graduate from the Black Belt program?
    1. Participate in the initial Black Belt self-assessment, identifying areas of strength and development, as well as documented measurable sustained project results.
    2. with your Black Belt coach, develop an assignment/coaching/training plan to close the gaps identified in your initial self-assessment.
    3. Implement your assignment/coaching/training plan, documenting evidence of the closing of your gaps
    4. Receive sign-off on your Black Belt from both your Black Belt sponsor and your Black Belt coach.
  • What support will I receive for my Black Belt?

    You will receive support in the form of one-on-one coaching and feedback from:

    • your Lean Black Belt coach
    • your project sponsor
  • Are there any pre-requisites for this program?

    Yes. Either the achievement of a Lean Green Belt, or significant demonstrated Lean experience with measurable and sustained results.

  • Are group discounts available?

    Yes. Group discounts are offered as follows:

    • 3-5 people: 5% discount
    • 5-9 people: 10% discount
    • 10+ people: 15% discount

    If you are registering a group, please contact anne@leanagility.com.

  • Do you offer French courses?

    French deliveries are available. Course materials are available in English and French.



  • Candidates complete a self-assessment form to determine level of skills and experience

  • If candidate meets the requirements, they are awarded a Black Belt Certificate

  • If candidate falls short of the requirements, they receive a customized plan in order gain the necessary skills/experience to achieve Black Belt status

  • Candidates will be awarded a Black Belt certificate upon satisfactory completion of the recommended steps


  • from $995 + tax


  • Learn how to facilitate complex, advanced improvement projects and get measurable, sustained results

  • Pre-requisite:  Lean Green Belt or advanced Lean experience
  • Hands-on learning on real-life, targeted assignments
  • Group discounts available
  • Bilingual course facilitators
  • In-person and virtual deliveries available