Lean Yellow Belt

The Lean Yellow Belt Certificate workshop is an introduction to the Lean structured problem solving method known as DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control/continue to improve) for government and knowledge workers. Provides the skills required to begin facilitating improvement projects and attain/sustain measurable results.

  • The Lean Yellow Belt certificate workshop is targeted to:

  • Teams and individuals overwhelmed by a backlog of work who want to identify and address breakdowns in a process to get ahead and reduce frustration 
  • Employees of organizations who want to undertake a low-risk Lean experiment to build expertise before implementing large-scale improvements
  • Individuals who have recently joined an organization undergoing Lean improvement(s) who need to get up to speed on Lean
  • The learning objectives of this course include:

  • Develop an understanding of what Lean is and how it applies to knowledge work
  • Learn basic Lean tools and techniques to remove non-value added work and reduce frustration
  • Learn how to apply DMAIC (a structured 5-step approach to process improvement) to begin facilitating improvement projects and get results.
  • Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Lean as it applies to knowledge work
  • How to identify and eliminate interruptions to flow and waste (the 8 Lean Wastes and Failure Demand)
  • Introduction to the DMAIC 5-step approach to process improvement
    • DEFINE (current situation, target situation, problem statements, objectives)
    • MEASURE (collecting process data, value stream mapping)
    • ANALYZE (data analysis to find and prioritize root causes)
    • IMPROVE (identify, prioritize, plan, test and implement solutions)
    • CONTROL/CONTINUE TO IMPROVE (implement controls to sustain improvements, begin continuous improvement and manage the people side of Lean implementation)


November 14 - 16 (French)

November 30 - December 2

January 9 - 11
* Sold out
January 30 - February 1
February 6 - 8
March 22 - 24
Price: $1,590 + tax per person
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET
Delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams

Unless otherwise noted, all courses held in English. Course facilitators are bilingual (English/French) and will respond to questions in the language they are asked. Course materials are available in English and French upon request.

Contact us to inquire about group discounts as follows:

  • 3-5 people = $1,511 + tax per person
  • 6-9 people = $1,431 + tax per person
  • 10+ people = $1,352 + tax per person


  • Free one-hour introductory talk/webinar

  • Group/team 3-day Yellow Belt workshop