Lean Yellow Belt Certificate


$1,590 + HST (3-days)

The Lean Yellow Belt certificate workshop is designed to give public servants an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean process improvement for government and provide the skills needed to improve a low-complexity government process.

The course begins with an introduction to Lean followed by a review of the tools and techniques used in the 5-step process improvement approach (DMAIC). To reinforce the concepts and enhance learning the workshop features a simulated improvement exercise for participants to practice what they've learned to improve a typical government process. 

This is an essential starting point for organizations who want to undertake a low-risk Lean experiment to build expertise before they implement on a larger scale. The program provides sufficient depth to run a low complexity process improvement project and get results, crucial to building a case for broader implementation.


  • Current situation
  • Target situation
  • Problem
  • Objectives

  • Collect data
  • Map the process
  • Find possible causes

  • Analyze potential causes
  • Find root causes
  • Determine principal causes

  • Identify possible solutions
  • Prioritize and plan solutions
  • Test and implement solutions
  • Implement controls to sustain solution
  • Begin continuous improvement
  • The people-side of Lean

Upcoming Sessions:


  • Introduction to Lean for government
  • Examples from the Canadian experience
  • 5 steps to process improvement (DMAIC)
  • Lean tools and techniques for the public sector
  • Simulated improvement exercise
  • Bilingual instructors and materials available in English or French
No pre-requisites

  • Are there any pre-requisites for this program?


    There are no pre-requisites for White, Yellow and Green Belt Certificate training. Each workshop builds upon a similar base of introductory Lean material and goes into an increasing level of depth depending on the duration of the workshop. (White Belt: 1-day, Yellow Belt: 3-days, Green Belt: 8-days)

  • What are the options for payment?

    Select your method of payment during registration by clicking on the "Payment Method" drop-down menu in the Payment section of Eventbrite and selecting your preferred method. 

    Selecting "credit card" will require you to make immediate payment using a current credit card (American Express, VISA or Mastercard). Should you wish to pay by credit card after the event please select "pay by cheque" as your payment method. This will reserve your spot in the course. After the workshop, you will receive an invoice and can make payment by cheque or credit card.

  • Are group discounts available?


    Group discounts are offered as follows:

    • 3-5 people: 5% discount
    • 5-9 people: 10% discount
    • 10+ people: 15% discount

    If you are registering a group, contact anne@leanagility.com to obtain a promotional code.

  • How do White, Yellow and Green Belts differ from one another?

    A White Belt (1-day) is an entry-level introduction to Lean to build awareness of Lean concepts, tools and techniques to:

    • enable the improvement of personal and team productivity
    • support Lean process improvement initiatives in the organization
    • facilitate informed decision making about Lean implementation.

    White Belt training is for decision makers, executives, managers and front-line employees (extended team members of a given process area). Successful large-scale Lean improvement project/Lean transformations would likely include department or enterprise-wide White Belt training to build understanding and awareness of Lean and support change management efforts.

    Yellow Belt (3-days) is an introduction to Lean concepts, tools and techniques (DMAIC) to:

    • enable the improvement of a straightforward process
    • support Lean process improvement initiatives in the organization

    Yellow Belt training is for managers and front-line employees who wish to lead a simple improvement project or to be a valuable team member on a more complex project.

    Green Belt (8-days in-class + coaching) applies Lean concepts, tools and techniques (DMAIC) to improve a "live" government process. Participants will be able to:

    • Lead (facilitate) an improvement event of medium complexity
    • Understand and explain Lean principles to others
    • Apply principles of change management
    • Understand, plan for and implement improvement projects to ensure sustainability of results and continuous improvement

    Green Belt training is for managers or employees who wish to lead improvement projects of medium complexity and prospective organizational Lean leaders in the organization

Lean Agility is proud to also offer White and Yellow Belt Certificate training in partnership with the Telfer School of Management Executive Programs. Visit: telfer.uottawa.ca/executiveprograms/en for more information.