Results, Not Resistance

Improvement ideas often fail because stakeholders don't buy-in to the proposed solutions or they aren't executed well. Results, Not Resistance is a 1-day workshop designed to address these two crucial but often overlooked elements of Lean process improvement. 

Unlike traditional approaches to change management, this workshop applies Lean thinking to give participants the skills they need to: build support (buy-in), communicate ideas, handle objections and build a systematic plan for execution to keep projects on track, manage obstacles and maximize results. 

With the help of the course facilitator and the Participant Workbook, participants apply what they learn to asses potential weaknesses of a Lean improvement project they are working on and build a strategy to address them, walking away from the course with an actionable plan to improve the overall return-on-investment on the project. 

  • The elements of great results: The Results Equation (R = I x D x E)
  • Increasing buy-in for improvement ideas:
    • Creating a movement
    • The importance of trust
    • Influence without authority
    • Getting ideas to stand out
    • Creating the "pitch"
    • Force-field analysis
  • The symptoms of low buy-in and execution scores
  • Building a systematic execution plan:
    • Changing mindsets
    • Harnessing motivators
    • Implementation planning
    • Visual project planning 
    • Agile/Scrum project management
    • Maximizing and sustaining momentum
Cost: $795 + HST

Who should attend? 

  • Government professionals involved in Lean improvement projects
  • Lean Green Belt Certificate graduates who have generated improvement ideas for their individual Green Belt project and want to put them into action more effectively
  • Candidates for Lean Black Belt certification who need to fill a gap in expertise to fulfil the requirements of certification
  • Those involved in driving organizational transformation associated with a change in mandate or to meet the requirements of new legislation