When we work with you to improve a process, our primary goal is to deliver measurable results, that are visible to you, your team and clients. While we provide you with reports to document the outcome of our collaboration we see this as an output. Our principle objective is outcomes – better quality work, faster, through more efficient process and engaged people.

We’ve collaborated with a wide range of organizations to generate sustained results such as:

Initial request to Request for Proposals to signed contract... from 35 days to 15 (a 67% reduction)

Develop a custom software package... from 200 days to 100 (a 50% reduction)

Hear and adjudicate a complex claim... from 670 days to 100 (a 85% reduction)

Create a complex submission to Minister... from 240 days to 65 (a 73% reduction)
Minister response time... from 60 days to 5 (a 91% reduction)

Grant a permit... from 93 days to 5 (a 94% reduction)

Create a fully qualified pool of 60 clerical staff... from 389 days to 65 (a 83% reduction)

Reclassify a position... from 145 days to 2 (a 98% reduction)

Adjudicate and award a grant/contribution... from 110 days to 40 (a 63% reduction)

Review and approve a major event request... from 107 days to 15 (an 86% reduction)

Reduce requirements for a case management system... from 500+ pages to 111 (a 78% reduction)