Lean Leadership

Lean Leadership is a 3-day workshop designed to help leaders:

  1. Understand the critical success factors of Lean transformations and know how to tangibly apply them
  2. Understand the leader’s role in a Lean transformation
  3. Create improved alignment and free up capacity for you and your team
  4. Develop a tangible and practical plan to immediately start implementing workshop topics including the application of Lean thinking to free up +/- 10 hours a week of personal capacity

While the workshop is particularly relevant for those involved in leading Lean transformations it is practical for anyone who is looking to enhance their leadership skills with advanced tools and techniques drawn from the field of Lean Enterprise.

For those new to Lean, the workshop includes an introduction to the fundamentals of the Lean improvement approach emphasizing the role of a leader at each stage of implementation followed by an exploration of what Lean leaders do differently to create efficiency and effectiveness, measure performance and empower people for better results. The last day of the course focuses on execution, demonstrating Lean behaviours and actions that leaders can implement immediately (via the Lean Leadership Planning Workbook) to improve personal and team performance.   Finally, participants review their work calendars and apply Lean principles to free up +/- 10 hours per week to create space for these new behaviours and other high-value-added activities.

Cost: $1,590 + HST

Who should attend? 

  • People and teams responsible for strategic planning in their organization, at the enterprise, branch/sector, or work unit levels
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