Lean/Agile Visual Facilitation

Visual facilitation will help you to help teams unlock their creativity through visual thinking. No drawing experience is required! If you can hold a pen, you can learn to create simple graphics that will use the power of visual thinking through maps, models and metaphors into your meetings.

Workshop participants will learn and practice: 

  • Building a visual vocabulary: lines, shapes, icons, people, frames, and lettering
  • Layout and composition for flipcharts and big visualizations 
  • The facilitator’s stance – your role in helping participants achieve an outcome in any meeting
  • Using doodling and design skills to creating a graphic aid for an Agile meeting
  • Create your own visual aid for an upcoming workshop / meeting
  • Why draw?
  • Design elements: lines, shapes, people, icons, frames, lettering
  • Putting it all together: composition and layout
  • The facilitator’s stance: the essentials of Lean / Agile facilitation for teams and meetings
  • Using visual aids to support the work of the workshop / meeting
  • Facilitators interested in using doodling to unlock creativity and to facilitate more focused and interesting workshops and meetings

Cost: $695 + HST

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