Lean Government: Getting Started

Thinking about launching a Lean process improvement project? Three things you should consider:

  1.     How do you pick the right process to begin?
  2.     How do you generate and maintain internal support for improvements?
  3.     How do you assemble an improvement team that will come up with great solutions and drive momentum?

In most organizations, selecting a process to tackle first can be challenging because there are typically many opportunities for improvement. A good starting point is to simply list the processes that are significant in the organization, identify the top priorities in terms of the business and generate consensus from key stakeholders. A prioritization matrix is a useful tool to provide some direction.

The matrix lists potential improvement projects against weighted criteria for evaluation, assigning each project an overall score. Projects receiving a high relative value are good candidates to improve first. Note both the criteria for evaluation and the weights can be adjusted based on the needs of the organization. Using the matrix is more about the thinking behind the process selected than the numbers themselves. It is a useful tool to get people on the same page and build excitement about the project ahead.

  •     Learn how to improve a simple process: Yellow Belt Certificate Training (3-days)
  •     Learn how to improve a med-hi complexity process: Green Belt Training (two, 4-day sessions + coaching)