Making Deliverology and Strategic Planning Deliver: A Lean Government Approach

Concerned that Deliverology will lead to increased pressure, overwhelm and disengaged people?   Frustrated by strategic plans that aren’t valued by the organization and that are seen as “extra” work? Suffering from “initiative overload?”

A must-attend for anyone involved in the changing landscape of Strategic Planning and Deliverology. This one-day workshop demonstrates how Lean thinking can overcome the risks and potential damage of both Deliverology and traditional Strategic Planning:

  •     Low buy-in from the plan’s implementers = resistance and disengaged people,
  •     Unrealistic assessment of the human capacity required to deliver the plan = overwhelmed people
  •     Too many priorities = overwhelm, lack of focus and execution
  •     Managing to meet the measure, not the intent behind the measure = unintended consequences and gaming the system
  •     Changing the target, but not the business process to achieve it = targets are met only through expediting and working harder.

The workshop places particular focus on how to use Lean strategy deployment principles and tools to make your organization’s Deliverology program or strategic plan deliver, while energizing your people. Recommended for executives and staff involved in the development of strategic plans or their organization’s Deliverology program.

Price: $795/person + HST

Topics covered:

  •     What is Deliverology?
    •         What are the things that it does well, and the five risks it creates?
  •     How is traditional Strategic Planning implemented?
    •         What are the five risks it creates?
  •     What is the Lean approach to Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution (Hoshin Kanri) and how does it overcome the risks of both Deliverology and traditional planning?
  •     How to overcome “initiative overload” and too many priorities. How to identify the “Must do”, “Can’t Fail” initiatives versus “Should do”, “Could do” and “Don’t do” initiatives, and manage expectations of stakeholders when saying “No”.
  •     How to understand the true human capacity required versus the capacity available to execute plans, and how to manage both.
  •     Lean Strategic Planning tools:
    •         Visual Management, A3 reports, Root Cause tools, X-matrix
  •     How to design plans for “implement-ability”
  •     How to broaden ownership of Strategic plans and Deliverology plans beyond senior executives to create energized implementers
  •     The critical role of support functions in planning and execution (HR, IT, Finance, Admin, etc.)

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