Beyond Agile/Scrum: Less Software and Happier Clients

Are you frustrated by software applications that fail to meet the business need and take too long to build? You are not alone. This 2-day workshop combines the best of systems thinking and Lean and Agile principles to help you meet requirements faster and with less effort helping you address the most common challenges in software development such as:

  • Digital projects that are often too large, too complex and too ambitious to succeed
  • A “wish list” approach to requirements versus a focused business problem-solving approach
  • Lack of understanding of how automation can apply to algorithmic versus heuristic work
  • Failure to identify those issues that can/should be solved by IT versus those that can only be solved by addressing the underlying business process first

To deliver less software but solve the right problems  faster, at less  cost, the first time via the following topics:

  • Why are software solutions so often over-delivered?
  • The cost of over-delivery
  • Identifying the “Jobs to be Done” of an application
  • Creating an effective problem statement with your client
  • Interrelationships between causes and root causes
  • Process flow, backlogs and the three main decisions of Lean
  • Value demand versus failure demand and quantifying the cost of the latter
  • The invisible causes of poor performance
  • Algorithmic versus heuristic work – and how software can solve these problems
  • Leaders of technology development groups
  • Systems Analysts, Business Architects
  • Business leaders and clients of IT contemplating a software project

Cost: $1,595 + HST

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Article: Deliver Less Software and Delight Your Clients
Author: Craig Szelestowski
September 2, 2019 

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