Training Overview

Lean White Belt Certificate

For all audiences
An introduction to the fundamentals of Lean process improvement, continuous improvement and innovation for government.

Lean Yellow Belt Certificate

For individuals/teams who manage low-complexity government processes
How to improve a low-complexity government process using the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control/Continue to Improve).

Lean Green Belt Certificate

For individuals who manage moderately complex government processes and/or to develop staff skills in a Lean Centre of Excellence
How to lead and sustain moderately complex Lean process improvement initiatives using the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control/Continue to Improve), leading to positive, measurable, sustained results. 

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Results, Not Resistance

For all audiences, excellent complement to Belt Certificate curriculum.
Build support (buy-in) and a systematic plan for the execution of Lean process improvement initiatives.

Lean Document Creation & Approval

For individuals responsible for writing and securing approvals of government documents.
Lean solutions to address the most common challenges in writing government documents and getting them approved quickly. Follows the Lean White Belt curriculum, but tailored to the improve the delivery of documents such as: Treasury Board Submissions, Reports, Business Cases, Strategic Plans, Presentations, Communications etc., 
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Lean Strategic Planning

For those responsible for strategic planning in their organization.
An introduction to the Lean approach to Strategic Planning (Hoshin Kanri). Designed to help government organizations develop and execute strategic plans that are more likely to be achieved and are aligned with the "Results and Delivery" framework.

Lean Leadership

For government leaders (Managers to Deputy Minister)
Advanced leadership skills from the field of Lean Enterprise to help leaders create and lead sustained transformation, eliminate wastes that only leaders can eliminate and find capacity (both for themselves and their team) to innovate and continuously improve.

Professional Scrum (Agile) Training

For all audiences
Teaches the basics of Scrum (Agile), an internationally recognized project management approach that can help teams manage through complex tasks like delivering IT solutions (like a web portal for citizens to apply for permits) or developing better quality policy documents faster.

Why Lean Agility?

  • Curriculum is adapted to apply to the government market reinforced with examples from the Canadian Lean government experience
  • Choice of courses to meet various stages of Lean implementation (beginner to advanced implementation)
  • Course materials available in English or French
  • Tools and techniques used are constantly proven and improved through Lean Agility's consulting work
  • User-friendly language to reduce barriers-to-entry
  • "Sticky" concepts to make the content easy to remember and pass on to others