About Us

Our Mission:
Equipping government organizations with Lean know-how so they can do their work faster, better and more efficiently by improving processes and engaging their people.

We are obsessed with making Lean practical and achievable for government. To do so, we combine Lean thinking and proprietary tools we’ve developed over 23 years implementing Lean in the public sector and apply it to teach public servants how to eliminate backlogs, find capacity, improve quality and deliver products/services faster.

We excel at improving high-volume transactional processes like permits and payments, but specialize in dramatically transforming the kinds of processes that take up a major share of government capacity like creating and approving documents and strategic planning.

We know how because our associates were once public servants who successfully implemented Lean for their employers and have brought Lean into more than 25 government agencies and departments as outside facilitators. We are committed to passing on our knowledge of Lean, leaving behind the skills you need to get results without outside help.

 Why? Because we believe that a bad process should never get in the way of the good work of a public servant.


Craig Szelestowski

Craig is Lean government transformation specialist with close to two decades of experience implementing dramatic turnarounds in Canadian government. He founded Lean Agility in 2010 to work exclusively with government organizations. Since then he has helped clients: reduce processing times by up to 2/3, increase capacity by up to 200% and create outstanding levels of employee engagement.

As Vice President responsible for Human Resources, Lean, and Quality at the Royal Canadian Mint, he lead the Lean transformation which helped move the organization through a challenging era of cutbacks and job losses into an extended period of financial and organizational health and stability. During his tenure, the Mint realized tens of millions of dollars of Lean improvements, dramatically reduced the time and effort to deliver its products and services, moving from a financial loss, to a profit of over $68 million. In terms of employee engagement it was named by Maclean’s magazine as one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” (2007-2010).

He has served multiple times as a part-time professor at the Telfer School of Business at the University of Ottawa. He is currently the co-designer and co-instructor of Telfer’s White Belt and Yellow Belt Lean Service programs, and teaches Lean to Telfer’s MBA students. He provides his services in both Official languages, serving as the Mint’s Official Languages Co-Champion 2004-2010.

Educational achievement and professional qualifications:

  •     Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, CITEC at Clarkson University
  •     Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate of Achievement, Villanova University
  •     Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Ottawa
  •     Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Toronto